Ep. 31: The End

Ep. 31: The End

Learning Product Design

Udemy Course: Complete Web & Mobile Designer; UI/UX, Figma, +more by Andrei Neagoie & Daniel Schifano.

Episode 31: The End


Finally, I have come to the end of this course. All glory to God!

It's been a long ride from Tuesday, 16th of May 2023 - Tuesday, 27th of Feb 2024, that has been a journey of 41 weeks.

Despite having to navigate through work from Mondays to Saturdays, so as to keep up with my bills. That didn't stop me from always ensuring to be consistent by documenting my journey throughout the course every week on my blog and my social media platforms.

Sometimes there are exceptions when I don't get to post my documentation within a week, probably when the topic is so wide and I have to take my time to fully understand and practice which could span up to two weeks before finally putting it up on my platforms.

There was also a point in time when my laptop got faulty and I was really frustrated on how I could cover up the rest of the course on time without a laptop. But help came through from my friend and brother @oluwazini I was able to get the laptop repaired and I got back on track again.

It wasn't an easy journey staying up late nights to learn, despite having to go to work the next day and still get very active to push through work.

My Appreciation

My appreciation goes to the following people;

My Mom - I appreciate her for always understanding, supporting and never bringing much distraction when I have to learn.

My Bosses [Mr. & Mrs. Adekoluejo] - Thank you for always looking out for me.

AbdulBatin - My Co-Founder and CTO for StackTribe. Thank you brother for being a great inspiration and always supporting me throughout the journey. We have always been leveling up together. 💪

Idris - My guy will say Dashegzy(as he always calls me), I don't really understand what you are posting ooo, but he will always show support by liking my post whenever he comes across it online. Thank you so much brother.

@oluwazini - Thank you so much my little brother and friend for being a backbone for me when I needed to rise again. Coming through for me when my laptop got damaged and many many more means a lot brother. I so much appreciate the love.

Grace - Although our location is far apart, as she is in the UK and I reside in Nigeria, but she notices how hard I grind and she encourages me always. She has been a good friend and a big inspiration to me in so many ways. Thank you for your sacrifices for me.

Gbenga - You can't go unrecognized for always helping and understanding me at work.

Kenny - Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to push through.

Mahveo - Has always been an exceptional being to me, he does a lot for me, to keep me mentally stable to face life. He is a God sent. I appreciate all that you've done for me brother.

My Certificate of Completion

Take a look at my certificate of completion for the Product Design course below:

I feel so great to have completed the course and truly I can say that I earned the certificate because despite all odds of bad electricity supply and poor internet facility in my country, I scaled through this learning process with great determination and consistency.

What is Next?

So, what next? This is definitely not the end of my Product Design journey, it is just the beginning and there is still a lot to learn as I move on.

I will keep building on the knowledge I already have from the course and would be on the look out for opportunities into entry level jobs or even start out as a Product Design Intern.

I will continue putting in the work for greatness.

Let's see where I go from here, I believe there is more...

Thank you for reading my blog post. Kindly follow me for more design updates.

The journey always gets better! 💪

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